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1/4'' Fire Glass 10 Items total

Everyone has their own personal style. At Urban Fire, our ¼ inch fireplace glass options are sure to match to your existing decor.

Choose from a variety of ¼ inch Fire Glass colors and mix and match to create your own custom color combination to liven up your fireplace and show off your personal style. You can top the ¼ inch glass with Accent Colors; or mix it with Reflective fireplace glass rocks or ½ inch Fire Glass. Your creativity is sure to give your glass fireplace new look.

Our ¼ inch fire glass is made specifically for our outdoor fireplaces using a unique five-step process. We are committed to making our ¼ inch Fire Glass the highest quality product available on the market; therefore, all of the ¼ inch fire pit glass we offer is brand new and unused, guaranteeing the best possible end product that lasts virtually a lifetime. The process begins with color-infused sheets of ¼ inch glass, which is tempered for long-term heat consumption, then broken into small pieces and tumbled to remove sharp edges, making them safe to touch.


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