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Here at Urban Fire we have a variety of products that can be used as an accessory to our beautiful fire glass. They can even be used as stand alone fireplace and fire pit décor. These items include our fireplace lava rocks, silica sand, and volcanic ash.

We offer small, medium and large sized gas fireplace lava rocks to suit your specific needs. We recommend using our fire rock or fireplace silica sand or volcanic ash if you have a deep fireplace or fire pit, as a cheaper alternative to filling the whole space with fireplace glass. Simply put the fire rock, fire pit lava rocks at the bottom to form the base and completely cover them with the fireplace glass so they are not visible. We guarantee that our fire rocks will not break or burst and will not discolor in any way. Gas fireplace lava rocks also retain heat better than ceramic logs, making them more energy-efficient and thus saving you money.X
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