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Copreci Gas Control Valve includes NG pilot regulator & all fittings - Natural Gas READY

$ 85.00

Gas Control valve for all Urban Fire outdoor fireplaces.

Gas Control valve is ready to go, all fittings are includes, pipe doped and gas tight.


Client or Gas fitter installation is quick, painless and simple.  Requires NO pipe fitting!


Simply remove the locking nut, gas lines and pilot connection, drop out old control valve assembly and install the NEW assembly.  Re-connect the locking nut, gas lines and pilot connections.

NO need to remove and replace fittings and re-pipe dope all connections.


Copreci Gas Control Valve with all fittings- includes pilot regulator -Natural Gas READY

This is a replacement part for the main gas control valve.

Fits: UF-4’s, UF-2’s, Santa Monica & Hercules units.

type: Parts by: UrbanFire
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